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LibJAD is collection of miscellaneous routines for a variety of purposes. This library includes functions of reading ini style files, multi-threaded programming, finding the number of processors available on the system, computing combinations and permutations, base64 and url encoding, and working with ASN1 and PGM files.

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UniversalContainer (C++)

The UniversalContainer class is an attempt to provide a class which can act in a manner similar to the untyped variables, arrays, and hash-maps found in popular scripting languages such as perl and PHP. The result is a class that can hold a wide variety of data and meta-data in a very flexible structure. UniversalContainers can hold integers, doubles, booleans, single characters, strings, and wide character strings. UniversalContainers may also be used as associative maps between strings and other UniversalContainers, or as arrays of UniversalContainers.

UniversalContainer Documentation
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